The History : Famous Crashes of the West,Part-1

TULIPOMANIA Our first adventure to Manialand takes us to 17th century Holland. The Dutch, long known for their stern, careful business practices, were then gripped by an extraordinary obsession, the like of which the world has not seen again. The object of this extraordinary mania was…


Is Correct Time To Buy and Sell in Stock Market?

In previous chapter, it has been mentioned that the fundamental approach to investment requires one to work out the intrinsic value of a share before its purchase. Some readers are likely to ask: “Why don’t we just wait until the whole market is low enough…


Why Does the Stock Market Move up and Down? Part -4

ANALYSIS OF THE PAST GROWTH OF THE MARKET With the fortunate favourable combination of these three factors, the total profit of the listed companies in Malaysia/Singapore has increased by many times. (It is not possible to state precisely the number of times since no one…


Why Does the Stock Market Move up and Down? Part -3

WHAT DETERMINES THE LONG TERM STOCK PRICE TREND? In previous article, very strong proof will be given to show that Over the long run (three years or longer), stock prices are almost wholly dependent on the growth of their underlying earnings and dividend. Let us…


Why Does the Stock Market Move up and Down? Part -2

Optimism and Pessimism of Market Participants In addition to the interest rate, the optimism or pessimism of the market participants can have a big effect on the direction of the stock market. In the Malaysian/Singaporean market, most of the shares are held by insiders with…


From what does a share derive its real value?

We have seen that Warren Buffett, in achieving his success, relies on two skills, Market Tuning and Stock Selection. In this section of the hook, you will he introduced to these two skills which are the basic “weapons” of a fundamentalist investor. The Next articles will examine…

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