The History: 3 Local Stock Market Crashes-Part 3

THE CRASH OF 1981 Whom the God: wish to destroy, they first praise highly ~Ancient Greek saying The Crash of 1981 occurred eight years after the Crash of 1973. in magnitude, it is almost as severe as the first Crash. It would seem at first…


The History: 3 Local Stock Market Crashes-Part 2

  A SHORT DIGRESSION ON WHEN A STOCK IS EXPENSIVE When investors speak of a share as either cheap or expensive what is actually meant is the price relative to some standard measure of share value because shares are sold at widely different prices. Thus,…


The History: 3 Local Stock Market Crashes-Part 1

In this chapter, our excursion to Manialand returns home. I shall attempt to describe and analyse the three stock market boom‘and-bust cycles that had taken place in Malaysia/Singapore in the last fifteen years. That there should be three severe crashes (and a less severe one)…