Stock Market Terms By Letter: I


Illiquid: A term used to describe an asset which cannot be turned into cash readily or the condition of a firm in which there is a shortage of cash.
Income Statement: A more complete form of Profit and Loss Account presented by US companies.Index: A measure of the changes in the market value of the stocks which make up a stock market over time.

Index Fund: An Investment Trust which invests in a portfolio reflecting the make-up of a particular stock market index.

Inflation: A situation of too much money chasing too few goods, leading to increases in the purchase price of goods and services over time.

Inside Information: Information or news coming from within an organisation which is not available to the public.

Insider: A corporate officer of a listed firm. It usually refers to an officer in some position of authority who has access to confidential information which may have a bearing on the price of the firm’s shares.

Insider Trading: The trading of shares by corporate Insiders, making use of inside information to their advantage.

Insolvency: Condition of a firm whereby it is not able to meet debts when due.

Intangible Assets: A term usually used to mean Assets which cannot be measured physically. For example, goodwill, patent rights, royalties.