Stock Market Terms By Letter: T


Tangible Assets: The opposite of Intangible Assets.
Take-over: A company acquiring control of another by obtaining majority of the voting shares either by cash purchase or Share Swap.

Tax Free: Means either not liable to tax or paid without deduction of tax -not necessarily the same thing.

Technical Analysis: The study of past price movements and other market data in the belief that the past patterns can provide a clue to the future behavior of the stock market. Also known as Chartism.

Technical Reaction: A movement in the opposite direction after a strong move in the direction which reduces the magnitude of the original gain or loss. Most market watchers believe that technical reaction is the inevitable result of a strong upward or downward move.
Tender Offer: An offer to take up part of a new issue at a price stated in that offer.
Third liners: Low grade shares.
Total Return: See Return.

Trading Period: Period for which accounts of a company are usually made up. Mostly, it is a period of one year.

Transfer: Stock transfer form or transfer deed used to effect change of registration particular: on a registered stock or share.
Treasury Bills/Bonds: US equivalents of Gila.
Trend Line: Movements of prices shown by a chart indicating a definite tendency either upward: or downwards.

Trustee Status: Used in relation to a stock or company and means that the investments are authorized for the investment of trust funds under the Trustee Investments Act 1961.

TSR: Short form for Transferable Subscription Rights. See Warrant.
Turn: The difference between bid price and offer price,