Tips of Stock market And Foreign Currency (Forex) Investment


Principle #1: Always Invest with a Margin of Safety

“Warren Buffett distills investment success into three words — “margin of safety”

Principle #2: Expect Volatility and Profit from It

“Investors should expect a lot more volatility and they should expect more of what they saw in the first quarter, which is the beta trade in U.S. equities not going to be as satisfying as it has been in the past.”~Chief Economic advisor for Allianz , Mohamed El -Erian explained to CNBC

Principle #3: Know What Kind of Investor You Are

“Investing all of your money in the stock and forex are risky: You can quickly lose most (or all) of your money, but it also has the potential for huge returns.”

This website’s information is written for a wide audience. The main target is the interested laymen who know something about stock market investment and Forex investment but are keen to learn more about it. For the beginners an extensive glossary of terms is provided. However,this articles does not meet fully the needs of undergraduates or experts in the field of investment since what they require is a more in-depth reference articles to local stock market scene. The article is very brief on theories and rather long on anecdotes and street lores. It is also highly deterministic in its approach to investment methods. In this,my bias is revealed all too clearly throughout the articles.

In reading this article, the reader has to bear in mind some of the limitations which are inherent in an attempt to modify a series of articles into a website. Firstly, the restrictive size of the newspaper article results in fairly short chapters. Secondly,the problem of continuity is less acute in a newspaper series than in a website and it has proved to be quite difficult to organize the next into sections with recognisable themes. Lastly, newspaper articles tend to be written with an eye to what is in the news at a point of time while the text in a website tends to be times less. In spite of these limitations, the next serves as useful background reading for an introduction to investment management. In fact, the information has been helps for beginner investors in stock market and forex market.

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